How to Take Your Idea from Chaotic Thought to Concrete Reality

Deep Dive Coaching Explained

“It’s like I’m in a room filled with balloons, and I’m jumping around like a crazy person trying to grab them all. Then you come in and you calmly collect the balloons, organize them, and hand them back to me. That’s what it’s like to work with you.”

This is what one of my oldest colleagues said to me one day when she was sharing how she sees my superpower as a coach.

When I ask clients at the end of a session what they found most valuable, about 75% of the time they say that just having someone listen to them and think out loud was exactly what they needed. I know this doesn’t sound that impressive, but as a coach I love that feedback because it means I’ve witnessed them and gently guided them through their own thoughts in a way that left them feeling clearer, calmer, and more confident than when they started.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because sometimes you need a little bit of time to work through something, but you don’t want to be in a long-term commitment with someone to do it. Sometimes you just want another set of eyes on your work, but the person helping you don’t need to know every detail of your business. Sometimes you’ve tried to get something off the ground yourself, but the list of details seems insurmountable so you stay paralyzed and don’t start.

So I decided to start offering coaching sessions that do just that. I wanted people to be able to buy my superpower of “order out of chaos”, seeing the big picture and being able to map out all the small details to get there, without having to become a long-term client. I also wanted something my regular clients could buy when they needed a deeper infusion of help that just isn’t possible in a regular call.

Let’s look at what these sessions are, and some ideas of how to use them.

These Deep Dive Sessions (no I don’t have a clever name for them) are an opportunity for you to get focused on something specific in your business. You talk it out, I listen and take notes, and along the way I ask questions to help the idea take shape. As you’re talking I organize everything in a document, and by the end you have your thoughts all mapped out in an orderly way for you to take them and run with them.

For example, if you were trying to improve your client onboarding process you would describe your goals for it, you would tell me what you already have, and together we would find the gaps and plan out how to fill them. You would leave with a document outlining your onboarding process with clear steps on what to do next to implement it.

Another thing I’ve done with clients multiple times is map out their signature system. Typically they have one, they just don’t know what it is or how to articulate it. I ask questions and as they talk I organize their system in the document so they can clearly see it laid out in front of them. Often we’ll even come up with a rough graphic to depict what that system looks like. They leave the session able to polish it up and put it out into the world.

The session will look different for everyone, of course, but the idea is the same. Use me as a thought partner to organize something you haven’t quite been able to get done on your own.

In addition to mapping out a signature system or client onboarding process, these sessions could be great for things like:

· Creating a new offering or service

· Writing a marketing plan

· Outlining a client agreement

· Detailing a hiring plan

· Creating a client assessment

· Even writing a manifesto!

To use a knitting metaphor, imagine you have a tangled mess of yarn everywhere. I help you take that yarn and wind it up into neat little balls so you have something useable to move forward with. The tangled balls feel overwhelming and uninspiring, but when they’re all wound up you can start to see the possibilities to create something amazing. That’s what these sessions do for my clients.

Illustration of a coach and a client. The client has a speech bubble of chaotic though represented by tangled yarn, and the coach has a speech bubble of clarity, represented by winding the yarn in neat balls.
Illustration by Jane Shaw

The Details

These Deep Dive Sessions are two hours. To prepare you just need to spend a little bit of time refreshing yourself on the concept you want to talk about, but otherwise there is very little prep. You may have some things you want to send me ahead of time to review.

During the call we create your document, and by the end of the call I will share it with you to do with as you wish. You’ll also get the recording from the call and two weeks of email or Voxer support from me after the call is over.

The cost is $500 USD, which you can pay when you book the call here:

If this speaks to you, or sounds like what you’ve been needing, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Let’s finally get you some clarity and confidence to get your idea out into the world!