Getting clients isn’t typically your problem, but feeling on top of your workload is

You’ve got a thriving, bustling business, but you feel totally overwhelmed on the inside. And maybe you’re losing steam. You’d like to be making more money, you’d like to be working less, you’d like to be having more fun in your life, and in your business. But who has the TIME?!

Or energy.

Between the overwhelm, tiredness, and a million-and-one demands on your attention, you can barely see straight. Somehow, you’re still doing amazing work with your clients (because that’s the part you love, and you are a badass at it).

You wish you could just do the work without getting bogged down by all the business (and busy-ness) stuff. But you definitely don’t want to be anyone’s employee again. Shudder.

If you’re like so many of my clients, you’re at a point in your business where you:

      • Feel like you never stop working, you’re always trying to catch up on evenings and weekends, and you’re constantly checking your phone and email
      • Take on more and more clients because you need the money but you have no idea how you’ll be able to serve them all to the best of your ability
      • Aren’t organized when you do get a new client so proposals take forever to get out, onboarding is a scramble, and important details fall through the cracks
      • Know you need support, but you feel like you don’t have time to delegate or train someone to help you, so it’s faster to do it all yourself
      • Notice simple things aren’t getting done, like sending invoices on time, or responding to emails in a timely manner

You know you’re losing money and clients because of this, but you just can’t see a way through.

Do you need better systems? More tech? Higher tech?

Do you need to raise your rates to stem the tide of clients to manageable levels?

Maybe you just need a better plan (or any plan).

You might even know EXACTLY what to do — you’re just having trouble making it happen because you don’t have the time (or you procrastinate, because it’s too overwhelming to start). 

The answer to all of this is… probably a little of all of the above. 

You do need better systems — but systems that support your personality, preferences and way of working (we can find just the right combo together). 

You might need to raise your rates, or raise your standards, or raise some boundaries — all of these will get you better fit clients. 

And you not only need a plan — you need help to create the space and mental clarity to see it through.

That’s what I’m here for. 

How I Can Help

I give business owners permission to do business on your own terms. To dream big, and make your vision come to life in the ways that work best *for you*.

And no business is the same. No business owner is the same. No business solution should be the same.

I’ve personally been in business more than 10 years. I ran a successful health coaching business before I became a business coach, and I’ve worked behind-the-scenes as head coach in multiple 7- and 8-figure businesses. I’ve been around the block and seen some shit (despite being the mom of a 4-year-old, I still swear more than I’d like). 

And here’s what I know to be true:

Running a business is EFFING HARD — and it’s normal to struggle because…

1. We bring our past with us – our past experiences shape our fears, weaknesses, blind spots, and resistances. If we’re not aware of them, things can feel a lot harder than they should be.


2. Your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum – The thing most business ‘experts’ don’t talk about is that life happens all around your business, and it can’t be ignored. We have responsibilities to our families, friends, and community. Not to mention capitalism and the patriarchy…


3. There are no one-size-fits-all productivity hacks or systems. You have a unique working style. And all of the advice and other-people’s-systems out there don’t take into account neurodivergence, strengths, or even just preferences. Ease in business is all about uncovering what works best for YOU.

This is where coaching comes in…

As your coach, I become your thought partner. Coaching is a safe, non-judgemental space for you to explore ideas and voice concerns as you decide how to take action and make your business thrive.

We’ll talk about strategy and logistics, of course. But more importantly, we’ll make sure you’re not getting in your own way.

You’ll have someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to hold you accountable, and someone to help see your blind spots. I’ll help you make sure you’re running your business in a way that uses your strengths, and we’ll build systems and support for your weak spots.

So what does coaching look like?

I believe everyone can have their business exactly the way they want it. We just need to decide what that is, come up with a plan, and make it happen.

I know… easier said than done!

Our partnership begins with the exploration of your values and desires.

That way I can help you keep them front-of-mind as you’re working towards your goals, and we can make sure your goals align with what YOU really want for your life, not just what you think you should want.

We don’t do shoulds here.

After that, it’s pretty simple. We set some goals for your business, we work towards them, and when obstacles come up, we explore what happened.

And obstacles WILL come up!

There’s no shame or guilt about it because it’s all just information to help you become the person you want to be – the kind of person who runs a successful business and who thrives in the world.

As we explore your patterns, we’ll also grow your trust in yourself, so in the future you have the tools you need to go through obstacles with more ease and confidence.

This work isn’t about pushing harder or working yourself into the ground.


It’s about knowing what you’re working towards, understanding yourself and your patterns more deeply, and unblocking what has you stuck, so you can work (and live!) with more ease.

There will ALWAYS be stuff that comes up, obstacles to overcome, and challenges to face. There will always be something that seems legitimate that will get in your way.

This is true for everyone. (There’s nothing wrong with you!)

And, it can be easier. It can be more aligned.

Let’s explore this together.

Here’s what my clients are saying

Stephanie not only gave me advice but she also allowed me to experience what I am dealing with and coached me through these issues. I never felt like this is the way it “should” be. It was always advice to try on and see if it fits.

Coaching has helped with any roadblocks that have occurred. I have gotten so much valuable feedback. This was a massive component to my success. It’s like therapy for business.

A year ago, I was excited but unsure/anxious. Since then, I have grown as a person and a woman. This is where I always wanted to be in my life.



I have gained so much from working with Stephanie as my business coach over the last couple of years. I work in a creative field which I love, yet I have issues with people pleasing, boundaries, and ADHD tendencies. Stephanie is good at helping to identify patterns and then step back and interrupt the playing out of those patterns. I have benefited so much from working with Stephanie. I have been able to make more money than ever before over the last three months and I owe much of that to coaching with Stephanie.


Interior Designer

In 3 months of 1:1 coaching you’ll get:

  • in-depth getting started worksheets including an assessment to find out your top self-doubt archetypes and an exploration of your values and desires
  • 1 x 90 minute call to get us started
  • 5 x 50 minute additional coaching sessions 
  • email and Voxer support between calls
$1425 USD pay in full or $475 USD/month for 3 months
($1425 CAD + tax pay in full or $475 CAD + tax/month for 3 months)

Ready to solve procrastination and clear the overwhelm?

On this call we will talk about what’s going on with you and your business now, what your coaching needs are, and how I can help you move forward. We’ll get to know each other, ask and answer questions, and if we both feel an enthusiastic YES! we’ll move forward.

Still not quite sure this is for you?

Let’s check. You are probably SO READY for this if…
  • You have a good income, or at least a way to pay for coaching that won’t completely stress you out or prevent you from paying your bills.
  • You already have clients (or have had successful businesses in the past before this pivot) and aren’t in a place of desperation
  • You are great at what you do – you get results with your clients and they’re happy with your work. If you’re a pop-up expert because you read a book this isn’t for you.
  • You believe in ethical, conscious business practices.
  • You want to look at your business in the context of your whole life. Your lifestyle, values, hopes and dreams play a big part in my approach, so they have to be on the table for our discussions.

Typically, my clients:

  • Have scattered focus, a million ideas, and are not sure what order to put them in, or even what ideas to keep
  • Are brilliantly creative and great at their work, but get lost in the systems or managing clients effectively
  • Need someone to hold them accountable and talk through why things did or didn’t work
  • Want help creating a plan they can stick to, then love having help as they take action
  • Relate to having ADHD tendencies, either diagnosed or undiagnosed, and want to find a way to run their business in a way that honours their strengths