Hi, I’m Stephanie

INTJ, problem solver, knitting enthusiast, unsuccessful veggie gardener, part-time adventurer.

Clients describe me as grounded, authentic, and pragmatic – which is really handy when you need to put your hopes & dreams into ACTION

But my guess is, you haven’t had much time to think about your hopes and dreams lately. 

You’re juggling so many balls right now – client work, trying to get your assistant to do their job properly, organizing the family schedule, heck, just trying to eat a decent meal! – that all you can do is stay afloat. Your work slides into the evenings and weekends. Your responses are getting slower and slower. You can’t keep up this pace anymore.

On top of that, you’re totally scattered. To-do lists everywhere. Post-its on your computer screen, journals on your desk, note-pads at the ready. You have a million ideas and not enough time, but you don’t know what to do first or what to ditch completely. 

Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad if every single thing didn’t take 3X longer than you expect it to.

Where you are right now makes perfect sense.

First of all: Running a business is HARD.

Second: It’s HARDER when you’re a woman with other responsibilities (dog, cat, kids, friends, partners) constantly pulling your attention away because they need something

Third: The baggage we carry — from previous jobs, our upbringing, past traumas, and everything in between — shapes how effective we are now. Things that you think should be easy stop you in your tracks and you don’t know why. Like emails sitting in your inbox because you’re too anxious to open them???

Extra Credit: And maybe you have some ADHD tendencies that make focusing and following through harder than it seems for other people.

There is nothing wrong with you and none of this means you’re bad at business.

Even when all of the above is true. You are still damn good at what you do, and you can be an amazingly effective, impactful business owner who helps a LOT of people.

You just need someone to help you put structures in place to clear the overwhelm, manage the To-Do’s, and help you reset your expectations to HUMAN LEVEL.

Because, deep down, you know you’ve been trying to do waaaay too much.

I know you’re not trying to get a “multiple six-figure” income (you don’t buy into that hype). You just want to buy the nice cheese at the grocery store. And not want to curl into a ball under your desk because your inbox will.not.quit. 

That is completely understandable.

If you need time management and organizational skills, big-picture to step-by-step breakdowns, and someone to listen while you process Big Ideas and give you feedback on how not to exhaust yourself going after them — that’s the kind of coach I am.

    I help my clients to:

    • Have more time and space to breathe, stretch, and follow their multi-passionate hearts
    • Have a partner to help sort the chaos, create order, and hold them accountable to following through
    • Schedule and organize like a BOSS (a good boss, not a jerk-boss – a boss who cares about the whole-you, not just the worker-bee you)
    • Create systems that support them and their clients, so boundaries are clear, scope of work is defined, and they can stop over-delivering-straight-into-burnout
    • Get help executing The Plan, troubleshooting what isn’t working, and get a lift up out of self-doubt

    Does that sound like what you need?

    My approach

    1. We start with hopes and dreams.

    I want to know your big-picture desires and your values. If you don’t know them already, we explore them together. We’ll dig deep into your goals, intentions, and wishes for your business and life. Then we see how they do or do not align with what you’re doing now.

    2. We’ll make a plan together and you’ll start taking action.

    It might involve some systems, organization, time management – whatever you need to get it done. There is no “right” way to do it…there’s just what feels right and authentic to you. I’ll help you get in tune with that and remind you of it when you veer off course.

    3. When despite your best effort, you can’t quite take the actions you want to take, we explore what’s going on on a deeper level.

    We’ll explore your self-doubt, confidence, the “shoulds” in your life, and anything else that might be getting in your way. Mindset plays a huge role in success and fulfillment, so we won’t shy away from it when things creep up.

    4. You’ll always have my non-judgemental accountability.

    I don’t believe in failure, only that all actions (or non-action) give us information to move forward. We’ll set action steps together then celebrate together or troubleshoot together.

    Coaching will help build momentum in your work that you haven’t felt in a long time because you’ll be back to moving towards your dreams instead of stuck on the hamster wheel. 

    You’ll be more clear and focused, and you’ll know exactly what you need to be working on and when. 

    And best of all, in my opinion, you’ll get your life back. 

    You’ll have room to breathe and do more than just work. That’s what it’s all about.

    Let’s talk about you for a minute.

    I bet you…

    • Have scattered focus, a million ideas, and are not sure what order to put them in, or even what ideas to keep
    • Are brilliantly creative and great at your work, but get lost in the systems or managing clients effectively
    • Need someone to hold you accountable and talk through why things did or didn’t work
    • Want help creating a plan you can stick to, and get help to execute the plan
    • Relate to having ADHD tendencies, either diagnosed or undiagnosed, and want to find a way to run your business in a way that honours your strengths

    And here’s a bit about me, personally

    • I became a synchronized swimmer when I was 8, and my coaching career began a few years later when I became a synchro coach. I was an incredibly shy kid, but something about coaching synchro transformed me. When I was coaching I felt confident, capable, joyful, and powerful.

    • After University I lived in Australia for 3.5 years and it was such a great adventure. It’s where I started my career as a coach and learned many of the foundational skills I have now. A standout moment was when I climbed the Bicentennial tree in the middle of Western Australia. No cell service, almost no one around, and just me and a spiral re-bar ladder around the tree. A third of the way up my partner freaked out and went back down, but very uncharacteristically of me, I kept going up all 75 meters. To this day it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s also the moment I realized I could do anything I put my mind to.

    • I married my high school biology lab partner (we went to prom together and the rest is history) and we’ve built a life that feels like an adventure. We live in a little ski/bike village in Quebec, Canada in a lovely tight-knit community. I always wanted a small town like Gilmore Girls, and that’s pretty much what we got but better! 

    • We have a fluffy brown dog named Goose (he’s a Barbet not a Doodle, and yes he’s our wingman) and a daughter who is turning out to be even more logical than me. I keep my business simple so I can spend time with the people I love doing things I love.

    • I seriously love knitting. My Oma taught me when I was little, and in the past few years I finally progressed past blankets and scarves (or at least, now I make fancy scarves!) The best part is picking out lovingly hand-dyed yarn from a local shop and turning it into something useful. My goal is to one day make a garment where I’ve done every step of the process – including shearing the sheep!
    If it feels like I could be the right coach for you, you’re welcome to apply for a gift coaching session and experience working together for free, with zero pitch or obligation.