My personal rock star coach, Stephanie, kept me on track (no small feat, I assure you!) and helped me focus just on the tasks that would get the biggest results in my business and not get distracted by shiny objects that were time and energy suckers.

“My personal rock star coach”Professional Organizer

This was the most productive conversation I’ve had on my business ever. Everyone else I’ve spoken to made me feel bad for not knowing this stuff.

“Most productive business conversation ever”Speaking and Communication Coach

I am delighted to discover that you focus not only on marketing strategy but overall business strategy. Additionally, I thought I was just getting marketing expertise but I feel like I’ve also gained a friend, coach, partner, guide, supporter, cheerleader, and fan! I think these are things I’ve needed as much or more than the marketing help.

“More than marketing”Philanthropy Coach

I really appreciated Stephanie’s openness and gentleness. Her advice was kind and softly delivered.

“Kind and Open”Business Coach

Oh wow! This is amazing!
Thank you so much for all this great info and your work. A lot to digest but a really thorough plan that I can work on. Thank you so much!!!

“Oh wow!”E-commerce retailer

You obviously really listened to me and you put into words things I’ve never been able to do myself. You were full of great and innovative ideas which will be easy to implement.

“You really listened”Health Food Retail Store Owner

It was awesome. I felt heard and understood and like I was in very good hands. Thanks for your insights and heartfelt attention. I just love finally having someone who ‘gets’ me by my side to see the big picture, give concrete suggestions, and cheer me on!

“In good hands”Wellness Practitioner