You’re a business owner and you have been for a while now.

Maybe while appearing successful on the outside, you feel totally overwhelmed on the inside. Getting clients isn’t typically your problem, but feeling on top of your workload is.

In fact, you’ve probably gotten pretty busy over the years. And still, something isn’t working for you. You might be losing steam. You’d like to be making more money, you’d like to be working less, you’d like to be having more fun in your life, and in your business.

This discontent could show up in a few ways:

  • You feel like you never stop working, you’re always trying to catch up on evenings and weekends, and you’re constantly checking your phone and email
  • You take on more and more clients because you need the money but you have no idea how you’ll be able to serve them all to the best of your ability
  • You aren’t organized when you do get a new client so things fall through the cracks or it’s not a smooth onboarding process
  • You know you need support, but you feel like you don’t have time to delegate or train someone to help you so it’s faster to do it all yourself

Or it could just be something seemingly simple isn’t getting done, like sending invoices on time or responding to emails in a timely manner. You know you’re missing out on money and clients because of this, but you just can’t see a way through.

It might be that you need better systems, that you need to raise your prices, or that you need a better plan. And likely you have some idea of what to do, but you’re having trouble making it happen. You procrastinate the thing that is the most important, or you just don’t have the time to make it happen. You probably feel overwhelmed. Or you worry about…well…everything!

This is where coaching comes in.

We’ll talk about strategy and logistics, of course. But more importantly, we’ll make sure you’re not getting in your own way. You’ll have someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to hold you accountable, and someone to help see your blind spots.

I’ve supported a wide variety of service-based businesses take back control of their business and life. Some of my clients have included business like interior designers, consultants, holistic practitioners, and even a personal chef.

So what does coaching look like?

I believe everyone can have their business exactly the way they want it. We just need to decide what that is, come up with a plan, and make it happen. I know…easier said than done!

Every coaching partnership begins with the exploration of your values and desires. That way I can help you keep them front-of-mind as you’re working towards your goals, and we can make sure your goals align with what YOU really want for your life, not just what you think you should want.

After that, it’s pretty simple. We set some goals for your business, we work towards them, and when obstacles come up, we explore what happened. And obstacles WILL come up! There’s no shame or guilt about it because it’s all just information to help you become the person you want to be – the kind of person who runs a successful business and who thrives in the world. As we explore your patterns, we’ll also grow your trust in yourself, so in the future you have the tools you need to go through obstacles with more ease and confidence.

Do I even have time to work with a business coach?

Probably not, if you keep going the way you’ve been going. But you want things to change, right? We’ll start in the place that’s taking up most of your time right now, and free some of that up for you, which will give you time to do the work.

Of course, you don’t NEED this coaching…right?

You can absolutely keep trucking along. Coaching is, of course, a luxury. You can google how to grow your business and hire someone to send your invoices. Deep down, you already know if coaching is the next step for you. You know if you’ve been trying your best and you’re just not getting there. You know if it’s time to try something different.

This work isn’t about pushing harder or working yourself into the ground.

It’s about knowing what you’re working towards, understanding yourself and your patterns more deeply, and unblocking what has you stuck, so you can work (and live!) with more ease.

There will ALWAYS be stuff that comes up, obstacles to overcome, and challenges to face. There will always be something that seems legitimate that will get in your way.

There’s nothing wrong with you!

This is true for everyone.

And, it can be easier. It can be more aligned.

Let’s explore this together.


Choose which of these makes the most sense for you:

Deep Dive (2 hour session)

Single Session with Follow-Up

In this single session we’ll take one thing in your business and map it out together. You’ll talk, I’ll take notes and ask prompting questions. We’ll get everything organized in one document so you can take it and run with it from there.

These sessions have been great for things like:

-your onboarding process

-organizing offerings

-a signature system

-your marketing plan

-even writing a manifesto!

You’ll get:

-2 hour call with me to go deep

-2 weeks of email or Voxer support after the call

-the document we create together on the call

$500 USD

1:1 Coaching

Coaching Subscription (3 month minimum)

This is for you if you know there is lots you’d like to explore, you might not know where to start, and you know you’ll benefit from having a partner to work things through with.

I am masterful at merging the strategic and tactical parts of business with the creative and mindset parts of life and leadership. You’ll have support on setting and achieving meaningful goals, working in alignment with your values, clear accountability, and of course, the business strategy you need.

You’ll get:

-in-depth getting started worksheets including an assessment to find out your top self-doubt archetypes

-2 x 45 minute coaching sessions each month

-email or Voxer support between calls

$475 USD/month

If you’re unsure or still have questions, please book a free call, my gift to you so we can get to know each other and decide which option would be best for you. Here’s an article about what that call would be about and why I like to do them.


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